I cannot recall how many times I have revised Leslie‘s spirit within myself over the years. The point is that everytime she mirroed herself into my heart, she was not the same as before. Never. Everytime you look, a bit more awesome, a crunch more hippie, a smarter, lighter and prettier Les will come out. Les’ spirit is a wild one, and it will never accept less than before. And she will, by the way, remind you of that – so you don’t fall behind! By the way: let’s put that feature of her into Mom’s copyright, shall we?

..And so it was that it had to be a smart-ass spirit like Eric to grab on Les. Master Eric always flows in the air, so as to avoid bothering those around him. And yet, his mere presence makes him always noticeable. His glow I guess, accounts for that. Eric smiles and exhudes peace and heart. And manhood. But most of all, he has the power of turning the silence into light, sounds or waves that will caress you into happyness – just because you were around.

And they both crushed on each other. Big time.

And they both keep on pushing the limits. Together.

And I love them for what they are: true brother and sister to me. Dear soul-mates of my life.


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Luis, how did I cheat on the deal??? I followed your orders, didn’t I?

toda una declaración, enhorabuena por el trabajo Luis!

Leslie amor, todo lo que llega de la familia Zucher son inmensas alegrías.¡¡¡¡¡Qué felicidad teneros en ese día maravilloso, jubiloso y pleno!!!!! Os esperamos con los brazos y el corazón abiertos y estamos felices de que no falte nadie de la familia.
Y las fotos de mi niña de interior salvaje y presentación fresca y luminosa junto a su hombre guapo, apuesto, entregado, me han producido un placer inmenso porque creo que has encontrado a un ser que puede colmar todas sus expectativas y tú las suyas. Mi más sincera enhorabuena por el hallazgo mútuo y dale un fortísimo abrazo con un sonoro beso (a lo mediteráneo) a ese compositor que, sin escuchar una sola de sus notas, ya me ha robado el corazón.
Os quiero.
¡Oh, se me olvidaba! Magníficos retratos y tomas de esta bella pareja. Son psicológicos. Una vez más, felicidades Luis

OK, everyone out there in the http://www…. so Luis recently got engaged to Ana. You knew that. How could you not? And, because I am still, his bratty little sister, I had to play a dirty trick on him. His sister? you ask. Yeah, he had the distinct pleasure of living in the bedroom next to me while we seniors at Flagstaff High School (that’s in Arizona, of the USA) – and I was dating a Mexican – by the way. So, when Luis posts blogs on his website using a Mexican accent, and people like me hear it, it gets an extra special laugh and then an eye roll – the truth be told. Refer back to the bratty little sister image. Anyway, so when Luis announced to the www that he got engaged, I said that I had AMAZING news to tell him that I knew he was going to love, but I wouldn’t tell him until he sent me these pictures he took of Eric and me many months ago. To get me back, not only did he send them but he posted pictures of my side-boob for 600 of my closest friends on Facebook! Now he just wrote me an email saying that I had to tell him the news publicly – which, believe it or not, isn’t actually my usual M.O., but he’s earned it, so I’ll follow orders. This time, only. Here’s the news…. Luis (and Ana) – the Zucker family is coming to your wedding next year! YEP! Mom, Lon and Tim and Les and Eric. A big family vacation in Spain – 2012!! So, don’t fuck this one up and send me the wrong dates this time, okay?

I love you, Luis! I love these pictures, and I love the way you captured my love for Eric! You’re the best! Actually you’re the second best. Eric is the first best. Sorry. Wait, I take that back. Rosco is the second best. Anyway, te quiero muuuuuucho. De verdad. Gracias, gracias, gracias y hasta pronto!


You are a tricky, one!! You just cheated on the deal!!! Nevertheless, I forgive you. YEEEEAAAAAAH, Zucker’s rock!!

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