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This one hit me close to the heart: Some decades ago, it was me who went to the United States to finish High School, and the idea of staying there was truly appealing to me. In fact, I am still deeply in love with that country.

Pepe, in the other hand, decided to stay. With great effort, he achieved success and conquered love. Not a small deed. I cannot deny that Pepe reflects in me an alternative life I could have lived, and the outcome could not have been better in his case: Maddy and Pepe are a perfect match in my eyes. So was the wedding, held in Pepe’s summer family venue. This is a happy ending story, a “family affair” as Maddy called it.

It took me too long to figure this story out: sometimes the fairies don’t let you see through the cloud of feelings, characters and edges that intercultural stories seem to carry with them. But it finally did – hope you like it.

Sorry for the delay, Pepe and Maddy.



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